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Say Yes

Earlier this year, I discovered this awemazing YouTube Channel called Yes Theory.

For those of you who do not know them, Yes Theory is a group of individuals who believe in challenging what the society considers normal. Some of their videos would include bungee jumping with complete strangers, being abandoned in a country without any money and relying only on the kindness of others, sharing their insecurities in public, and ultimately seeking discomfort in order to learn and grow.

Because of Yes Theory, I found myself agreeing to things that made me uncomfortable and putting myself out there. Because of that, I was able to meet new friends, learn new cultures, and grow as a person.

Back Story

I used to work as a Marketing Supervisor for a food and beverage company in Makati and when there’s little time to grab lunch, I would go to this Indo-Pakistan eatery beside our office to grab some takeout food (BTW Best Chicken Curry). One lunchtime, I was left alone in the office as all of my team members were out, so I decided to dine-in since I have some free time to spare and no one to eat with.

This is the day that I met Muneeb, he asked if we could be friends and asked for my contact number. Normally, I wouldn’t give my number away, because first, I don’t like buying cellphone load, second, I usually hate people, and third, he doesn’t speak or understand Filipino (which means I need to speak in English) but decided to give it anyway thinking that I don’t really need to reply or anything. And just to add, I recently watched an episode about Indians via Asian Boss and wanted to check if its true and this was the perfect time to meet an Indian friend.

Meeting New Friends

After some time, I was also able to meet some of his other friends, all of them were very friendly and welcoming so I decided to give back and welcome them to the Philippines the proper way (We’re known to be hospitable right?). I told them that they could visit Baguio (my hometown) and I offered to host them, which I wouldn’t usually do because of some petty excuses.

Few more weeks after, Meena, Suhel, Danraj, Karthick and Muneeb all came to Baguio. Introduced them to my family (which I am very lucky to have), and although they didn’t stay for a long time, we had some amazing time together. Everyone gathered around the bonfire and there was a exchange of cultures and stories. We learned so much about their religion, what marriage means to them, and even their sports and education system, and all of that because of a simple yes.

So say yes more often and cheers to new friendships!



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Life Lessons I Learned From Traveling Solo – Taipei Edition

Most people would question you if you travel solo, they may be concerned about your safety or might think that you’d feel lonely during the trip. Even though my boyfriend and my mom were concerned about these things, I knew inside me that I needed a retreat, I needed to find inner peace.

Last September 22, 2018 that I decided to travel alone, that day, I booked the cheapest plane ticket and cheapest accommodation I could find, and a week after, I’m on my way to Taiwan.

Here are some of the lessons I learned during my trip:

1. You realize how big the world is and how small you are

The first few minutes after a plane takes off, you can see that the tallest building in your city looks so small from a far. I came to realize that the world is so big, that there are so much more to explore, to learn, and to discover, at the same time, I felt so small.

Will I be able to contribute anything to this world? Will the world even care if I disappear? These thoughts were in my mind, but then, I also believe in the Butterfly Effect, so remember that even the smallest thing we do for humanity counts.

See how big Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Park is. XD

2. There is nothing wrong if you ask for help 

Most people are afraid to ask for help, they fear rejections, maybe terrified that others will view them as someone incompetent. But when you are traveling solo, there will always come a time when you need to ask for assistance. Whether it’s for road directions, the simple act of taking photos, the dos and don’ts for a traditional hot spring, or about a new machine you’ve come to encounter. Trust that people are kind and that they are more than happy to share information with you.

Met people who guided me on what to eat, where to go, and how to do things.

3. A small detour can bring positive experiences

You may be in some place which you did not plan to go to, but no need to worry too much, calm down and enjoy the experience it brings. Life is not a straight line anyway, and enjoying the journey is the important part. (Learned this cause I missed a couple of MRT stops haha!)

Dropped by Blizzard Arena (unplanned), decided to visit Garena TW (closed) and got off at a wrong station, but saw Miramar Ferris Wheel. Also got separated from the Jiufen tour, but hello to the nice view right there. 

4. Language is not a barrier for human connection

The best moments in my Taipei travel were actually experiencing human connections, not through language, but through music.

First encounter was in Confucius Temple where I enjoyed a cheerful flute music by one of the elders. Second one was in Tamsui by Leo where my heart felt so much emotions even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics at all.

You can check sample of their music via stories on my Instagram account. Lucky to have encountered these two musicians. 

5. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop- Confucius

When climbing Elephant Mountain / Nangang District Hiking Trail,  rest if you must, but keep moving forward because I assure you, it will be worth it, you can even meet friends along the way, and once you reach the top, a stunning view will greet you.

Same with life, folks, go at your own pace, do not mind the others if they tell you that you can not do it, believe in yourself and march onwards.

Made friends along the way and they’re just like my parents; Leo, Anne, and Lee from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 

I guess that’s it! Will write again soon, see ya! 😀

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Beijing 2017

First of all, cheers to all procrastinators out there! Here’s my uber late post about my trip in Beijing, China last year.

Nihao! It was my first time going out of the country, I was super excited for this one because of the LoL Worlds Championship 2017, which you can read more about here.

First Things First

Me and my friend, Julia availed of our flights via Cebu Pacific’s GetGo promo  which only costs 20 points (if I remember correctly). I didn’t really have a GetGo card and Fred (Hi Fred! just to let you know, I am forever indebted to you) was the one who helped me purchase a super cheap flight to Beijing.

After getting the tickets, Julia made an itinerary and contacted hotels in Beijing where we can stay so we can present it during the Visa Application. If you are attending concerts and other events, it is also advisable that you provide them a copy of your ticket.

For first time applicants, make sure you have everything ready before applying for a Chinese Visa.

  1. Passport
  2. Duly accomplished Visa Application Form
  3. Two (2) colored photos (Ask for the Chinese Visa size)
  4. Bank Certificate of Deposit Balance
  5. BIR-stamped Income Tax Return Form
  6. Certificate of Employment (with salary and length of employment)
  7. Professional ID/Student ID
  8. Flight schedule and ticket
  9. Hotel accommodations
  10. Other relevant documents (you may want to address a letter to the consulate to explain why you want to go to China)

I was actually really nervous, thinking I may not get approved by the embassy since my bank account is not at all impressive.

Arriving in Beijing

We travelled to Beijing during the autumn season and it is incredibly cold during the night so don’t forget to bring your jackets, coats and socks. I think it was 0 degrees to 18 degrees, and believe me, walking is not that easy.


Our flight was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at around 1:00 AM, and the hotel that we booked didn’t want to let us in since the check-in time is only until 6:00 PM. Julia and I had no choice but to brave the streets of Beijing to look for a hotel that would take us in.  After walking around the cold and dark alleys of DongCheng District, we finally found one where we can rest.

The next day, we went back to the hotel which we originally booked, it was at Elan Hotel. Although the receptionists cannot speak English, the location of the hotel made it worth staying there. When getting hotels, it is best that you get one near the subway stations for easier transportation.

Places To Visit

There are a lot of awesome places to visit in Beijing and I’m listing some of them below~

Forbidden City – The Forbidden City served as the home of emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government for almost 500 years.

Make sure that you go and visit the Forbidden City during the early morning since a lot of tourists go here and lines are expected to get longer and longer. Forbidden City boasts 180 acres, and walking around would take you hours. During the ancient times, no one is allowed to enter and leave the city without permission. Today, this still applies since we have to go through scanners and present our IDs when entering and exiting the premises.


Wangfujing Street – Wangfujing is one of the most famous shopping streets of Beijing, China, located in Dongcheng District. It is known for its exotic and local street food. We ate some scorpions since both of our boyfriends requested so. Haha!


Panjiayuan Antique Market – The place to go to if you want to buy life-size terracotta warriors, porcelain vases, figurines, antiques, and family heirlooms.


Lama Temple – Yonghe Temple, also known as Harmony and Peace Palace Lamasery, Yonghe Lamasery, or Yonghe Lama Temple, is considered as the largest and most perfectly preserved lamasery in present day China.


798 Art District – 798 Art Zone or Dashanzi Art District, comprise a complex of 50-year-old decommissioned military factory buildings boasting a unique architectural style. Most of the displays are made by the young artists community.  The place is really big and there are a lot of modern artworks which you can purchase.


Temple of Heaven – The Temple of Heaven is an imperial complex of religious buildings and was visited by the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest.

Temple of Heaven has the most beautiful trees during autumn so don’t worry as everything here is “instagramable”.


Great Wall of China – The place to become a hero. There is a very famous Chinese saying that the “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero.”

We visited the Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall since we heard that there are less people who go here as compared to the one in Badaling. We booked the tour via Klook and it’s hassle-free. When going to the Great Wall, don’t ever miss riding the tobogan as it was a fun and exciting activity.



Beijing National Stadium and Beijing Aquatics Center – The Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube glows beautifully during the night. Both are near each other and you can see the buildings from afar because of its size.


Hutong Tour If you want to see traditional courtyard houses, then go on a Hutong tour. You can rent a pedicab to tour around, it is also a place to buy pasalubong for your loved ones.


Where To Eat

There a lot of restaurants in Beijing which offers good food at an affordable price. Fast food places like McDonald’s, KFC, and Yoshinoya are also all around the city so you will never go hungry.

If you want to try the famous Peking Duck, you can visit Yongle Restaurant which was recommended to us by the Chinese locals. One order of their Peking Duck can feed around 4 people, it also comes with a free duck soup.


And if you are craving for sweets, visit Holiland! We went there a couple of times to taste their cakes. Every bite makes you want to buy a whole cake. Haha! We tried their blue berry cheesecakes and it was so fluffy.



I would recommend you getting a re-loadable subway ticket. Travelling from one subway line to another subway line is very easy but there’s a lot of walking to do. However, this is still highly recommended since it’s cheaper than riding taxis, and is easier to navigate.

That’s it for my Beijing Trip! If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message! ❤


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LoL Worlds 2017 Experience

Attending the League of Legends World Championships is one of my biggest dreams ever since I started watching the competitive scene in the year 2013. This year, with luck and hard work, I was able to witness the epic event and I can’t get enough of it.

The moment I found out that the World Championships 2017 will be held in China, I aggressively looked for discounted airfares and bookmarked all the websites I needed for daily updates (Airlines, LoL Worlds Landing Page, Damai Ticket Selling, Twitter, etc.). Living in the Philippines, it is easier for us to visit surrounding countries, and China is one of that, thus I felt very happy about it. But the road to attending Worlds isn’t as smooth as planned.

Getting Tickets

Tickets for the World Championship Finals were not available through Riot’s partner in China until the 25th of October, and the moment that they started selling, all of the stocks were out under 1 minute. Knowing that, I started panicking since the flight is already secured, our hotels booked and our Visas approved. I thought that everything will go to waste, but after looking around and asking people from the LoL Community in Twitter, I had a lead on how to get hold of the tickets.

Around a week after that, one Twitter user told me that some of the Chinese people who purchased tickets for the World Finals are now selling their tickets through Weibo since no Chinese team made it to the Finals. I learned about that and downloaded Weibo in an instant. The same Twitter user helped me get tickets are referred me to the Chinese fans who decided not to go and I was lucky to meet Xiao You.

Xiao You was supposed to go to Beijing and watch the World Finals but his team didn’t make it, we started talking to each other via QQ, on how I can get the tickets for the event since I couldn’t use WeChat or Alipay to pay him. In addition to the World Finals tickets, You was also able to source for a supplier for the League of Legends Live: A Concert Experience, however it was sold at much higher price(+200 RMB).  Since You is from the other city, I couldn’t meet up with him personally, but his friend, Pei Yiyi was luckily available.

I arrived in China on November 3, and was supposed to meet Yiyi at 6 PM. My phone couldn’t connect to the internet even after buying a Chinese sim, I arrived late at the Station where we should meet up, and was confused on which exit. That time, I was really scared since it’s my first time alone and that I have no way of communicating with others. I was really lucky when I found Yiyi on the other exit of the Subway station, and she provided me with the tickets as promised. All the fear and negative feelings all went away I was able to attend the concert that night as well.

I am really thankful for the LoL Community for trusting a stranger for these kinds of transactions. Special thanks to Sichang Ouyang, Xiao You, and Pei Yiyi – wish I could meet you all in person.

League of Legends Live: A Concert Experience at Worlds

The event was held at the Beijing National Aquatics Center, and when I arrived there, a lot of people were willing to buy the tickets I got offering me with cash, but the event will be starting soon so I just ran and went directly inside the venue.

When I entered the venue, I was ecstatic, tears would almost roll down my face. The pillars were covered by different champions, the stage on top of a pool, and three enormous LED screens were right in front of me. As I proceeded to sit down on the assigned seat, a goodie bag was prepared for everyone. It contained two engraved guitar picks and a Demacia Rising music sheet.


The show started with the Chinese voice actors and actresses of LoL, and was followed by the introduction of Sjokz + some Chinese guy (Sorry I couldn’t remember). Performers include Alan Walker, Mako, Pentakill, The Crystal Method, Yundi, PG One, Nicki Taylor, Lunity, Albert Chang, TJ Brown, Rainbow Chamber Singers, DJ Xu Meng Yuan, and The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra. I especially enjoyed the performance of The Crystal Method and Mako doing a rendition for Arcade Sona and of course, the masters of rock, Pentakill.

After the concert, the two guys beside me asked me for a picture and for my QQ account, however I was not able to memorize it so I asked them to write theirs on a piece of paper. Shout out to Xiao Lou and Yang for being good friends with me and telling me where would be the best places to visit in Beijing! You guys are the best ❤


Check out some of the concert pictures below

League of Legends World Championships 2017 SSG VS SKT T1

The Finals was held at the Beijing National Stadium also known as the Bird’s Nest. One thing I could say is that it was gigantic! There were booths outside the event where you can buy merchandise from Riot and other official partners, as I was early, I looked around and took some pictures. At that time, lines were really long so I decided to buy souvenirs after the event.

On the assigned seat was the League of Legends cheering sticks together with a Golden Poro for everyone to take home. I was also lucky to get a squishy Poro for free from the Weibo booth. Before the games began, I grabbed some hotdog and milk tea for my lunch.


I really enjoyed the opening ceremony, they first showed how the community is connected to one another despite speaking different languages and cultures.

It was then followed by one of Asia’s top musician, Jay Chou, the crowd went wild and everyone in the stadium were hyped! Against the Current came after Jay Chou and performed the League of Legends Worlds 2017 anthem, Legends Never Die. The opening ceremony was really grand plus Riot was able to pull off the Elder Dragon VR and the massive Worlds Cup. The players from both SSG and SKT T1 are then introduced to the crowd.

Check out the video below:

During Game 1, I started to get cold due to the weather so I decided to go out of the stadium to grab a merchandise which can help me feel warmer. I wanted to buy everything, unfortunately, I have limited budget so I went to buy just the jacket which would the most practical at that time. Haha! Anyway, I was not really able to watch most of the game 1. Going into Game 2, I really hoped for SKT T1 to bounce back, they had a really close fight, unfortunately, they fell short. And for Game 3, I felt the pressure around me, my seatmate was also, definitely rooting for SKT T1. Even though we didn’t know each other, we were definitely having the same feelings for whatever was going on. We didn’t cheer when SSG did good plays because we were all looking forward for the reverse sweep from SKT T1, which, unfortunately, never happened. After the game finished, cameras focused on Faker, and that was the most heart-breaking eSports moment for me. At first, I was surely happy, getting a chance to watch LoL finals live, with the greatest player, but at that spare of moment, my heart sunk and I was close to crying for I was hoping that SKT T1 would win a game or two. The closing ceremony was graced by Alan Walker and Against the Current. Alan played one of his most popular song, Faded, and it was surely perfect for the moment. It conveyed feelings of losing yourself.

As I slowly walked out of the venue, I made a few glimpses on how the Bird’s Nest glowed during that night.  But like Yin and Yang, it was only able to glow so beautifully with the presence of darkness, just like how SSG outshined SKT T1 this time around.

Overall, my Worlds 2017 experience was a blast! Hope I could attend more of it in the future.

Check out more of the pictures below.

By the way, really sorry for the quality of pictures, will try to upload them with the HD ones which are stored in my other PC. 😦


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Mt. Gulugod Baboy + Sombrero Island Trip

It’s been a loooong time since I last wrote an entry. I’ve been feeling down for a few months now, that’s why.

Anyway, last Saturday we celebrated my friend’s birthday by trekking and hiking Mt. Gulugod Baboy and swimming and snorkelling at the magical beach of Sombrero Island in Batangas.

So the group decided to meet up at Mcdonalds Buendia at 4AM to grab some breakfast and baon, this is also where the van is waiting for us. Upon arriving, ate MJ introduced us to her other friends; hi to new friends, Mai and Reggie, Noemi, Jervine, Rey and Boks! Kesy arrived a little later than us. Kim and I decided to eat some breakfast while waiting for the others to arrive (hello late comers – Anne, Gerald and Ian) HAHAHAHA! We were able to hit the road at around 5AM and arrive in Batangas by 8AM.

Climbing Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Before going up the mountain, we were asked to register, I think it’s Php 40.00 each for environmental purposes. We started trekking around 8:50AM and arrived at the peak by 11:00AM. The first part is to overcome the uphill concrete road, pretty same with other mountains and then a dry and steeper trail followed. According to our mountaineer friends, the difficulty level of Gulugod Baboy is 3/9 so I guess this is pretty standard for non professional hikers like myself. There were several stores along the trail where you can buy refreshments like Ice candy and Mountain Dew and we had a lot of stop overs (I think about 5) where we spent 5-15 minutes resting and catching breath.

The view gets better and better the higher you go up.

Also, Kim insists that I write about tha banat lines he told me while going up so here it is along with our pictures. Haha!
Kim: Gusto mong mauna? Para mag na-fall ka, ako parin ang sasalo sayo.


Going down the mountain was the harder part because of the steepness and dryness of the mountain, I think using a tungkod would definitely help. Kim and I weren’t wearing proper shoes (hello to my Php 180.00 shoes and his Converse) so we had to be really extra careful. Going down, it took us around an hour and a half with stopovers, then we had lunch at the carinderia before getting ready for a swim.

Swimming and Snorkelling 

This is the thing I’m really excited about! Vitamin Sea FTW! As soon as we had our lunch, we immediately changed to our swimming attire. I love the sea more than I love the mountains. Haha! The boat ride to Sombrero Island is around 20-30 minutes, Kim and I were the ones who got ready first so we got the best spot in the boat (the one with the shade)

Arriving at the island, we were excited to swim, we even brought our snorkelling gears (thank you mama and papa). The sand isn’t smooth and there are a lot of rocks so having aqua shoes would definitely help, unfortunately I didn’t bring mine so I had some bruises after swimming. But whatevs! This is one of the most beautiful if not magical snorkelling areas I went to! There are a lot of different species I saw under the sea; clown fish, dory, angel fish, parrot fish I can’t name them all! Hahaha!

Most of my companions were not confident to swim in the deeper areas so I decided to go by myself because Carpe diem AKA YOLO, I already took a lot of photos of the fishies so I didn’t bring the action camera when I decided to go further away, and that is my only regret, but the most magical as well.

While feeling the water on my skin, admiring the schools of fish, and checking out corals, a turtle suddenly appeared! I was OMG asdlfjdsalfjkasdf  I wasn’t expecting a turtle! I wanted to call everyone and let them see but they were so far away so I had no choice but to enjoy the moment for myself. After the turtle went by, I decided to go near the shores and on my way back, poof! a wild puffer fish appeared! I was so happy by myself and will always remember this moment.

Here are some underwater photos, click to enlarge. 😀


The boat arrived a little later than expected but all is well as we get to see the vibrant skies on our way back home.

Some group photos to remember

Here’s the estimated breakdown of expenses, although it’s actually for 15 people including the driver and two mountaineers. We had to bring extra money for food expense.



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Ni No Kuni

Super late post but I’d like to share with you the game I played last 2014, Ni No Kuni. My boyfriend gave this as a gift for our monthsary, if I remember correctly. Haha! Anyway, this is one of the best games I played in my entire life.

Yeeeeeeeey! <3
Yeeeeeeeey! ❤

Ni No Kuni’s story line is very simple, it’s about a young boy, Oliver who went to another world to save his dying mother and stop the evil things happening around. It’s an RPG where you also get to explore different areas, catch new monsters and train them, somewhat like Pokemon, in my opinion.

At first glance, you can easily identify Ni No Kuni’s art style with Studio Ghibli, a well known Japanese animation studio which also produced classic movies like Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away plus a whole lot more.

The music is simple and elegant, I am actually writing this now because I was listening to the soundtrack earlier today, which made me remember the game, and how awesome it is.

I could go on explaining why this is such a good game, but for me, it was the lessons learned, that made this game so great. There are games that you remember because of the game style and the new features, and there are also games that stays with your heart because of the things it taught us, or more like, reminded us. Ni No Kuni captured both worlds.

The spells “Give Heart” and “Take Heart” can be applied in real life. In Ni No Kuni, Oliver uses his locket to store Heart Pieces. According to Ni No Kuni Wiki, Heart pieces are otherwise known as “emotions” or “virtues”, and if there is a lack of one in a person, they become “brokenhearted”. This emotions or virtues include the following:

  • Enthusiasm – The distilled spirit of get-up-and-go
  • Kindness – the warm, fuzzy gift of generosity
  • Courage – The stout and sturdy force of fearlessness
  • Restraint – The power to resist the demon of temptation
  • Belief – The noble certainty of unshakable faith
  • Confidence – The heaven-sent strength to believe in oneself
  • Love – The thing that makes the world go round
  • Ambition – The impulse to strive for a better tomorrow

In life, whenever we become brokenhearted because of the lack of these virtues, we need someone who will allow us to “Take Heart” from them, and be our support system, at the same time “Give Heart” to them when the time they need it.

“This spell allows you to give the virtues shared using Take Heart to people who are in need of them. In that it offers a means to save the brokenhearted, this is one of the most important spells a wizard can learn. Needless to say, its use necessitates the utmost care and forethought. ” —Wizard's Companion
“ This spell allows you to give the virtues shared using Take Heart to people who are in need of them. In that it offers a means to save the brokenhearted, this is one of the most important spells a wizard can learn. Needless to say, its use necessitates the utmost care and forethought. ”
—Wizard’s Companion


“As previously explained, the heart if made up of virtues, emotions, and various other elements. This spell allows you to take some virtue from a person who has it an abundance, and store it in the Locket. Just be sure to ask for permission before you proceed. Remember: a heart belongs to one person, and one person alone. ” —Wizard's Companion
“ As previously explained, the heart if made up of virtues, emotions, and various other elements. This spell allows you to take some virtue from a person who has it an abundance, and store it in the Locket. Just be sure to ask for permission before you proceed. Remember: a heart belongs to one person, and one person alone. ”
—Wizard’s Companion
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Summer Special with the Family

Together with Kim, I decided to go home to Baguio for the Holy Week. Our trip was scheduled March 24, 4:30 AM from Vistory Liner Pasay. There are a lot of people so the bus left at around 5AM. I have to say, this is the worst trip ever going to Baguio. I expected that our trip will be around 8 hours, but I never expected it to be doubled. It took us 16 hours before reaching Baguio, it’s 12 hours more than the night trip we usually take.

Moving on, I was still very happy when I reached home. The dogs welcomed us, and after a few minutes, I heard my cat, Happy (Really love and miss this cat so much!)
Later that afternoon, papa, mama and Kyna arrived home and we had some marshmallows toasted while having bonfire. Since we had a tiring day, Kim and I decided to sleep early and just go around Baguio the next day.

Family playing Betrayal

For Good Friday, the whole family went to our backyard where we played Badminton and Betrayal (A Horror Board Game). I really love our backyard since it’s very refreshing, it takes only a few minutes to go up and it’s for free!

Taken at BenCab Museum
Cafe Sabel’s Volcano Icecream

After playing some games, it’s time to get ready before eating lunch and heading to BenCab Museum. We ate at the new Shakey’s Restaurant near Legarda Road and took a cab to the museum. There are a lot of people visiting the place so I didn’t enjoy it much. But still, the view there is still beautiful. After BenCab, Kim bought me clothes from the Ukay-Ukay where I got a penguin suit for only Php200! We planned to go to the boardgame cafe, Game and Grub, however, it was already closed since January so we headed to the One Piece Cafe and ordered a Banana shake. We went home after.

Mama and Papa and the rising sun
Family Picture! :3
Bunso riding a horse
Me and Kim! Walang ligo ligo hahaha
Gab meditating with the three buddhas
Big Buddha, see building for reference
Big Buddha, see building for reference

We went to a lot of places for Black Saturday. We witnessed the sunrise at Mt. Yangbew, La Trinidad. It’s a 30 minute hike up the mountain and the view there was fantastic. It’s nice to be one with nature every now and then. After some photos and horse rides, we went down to eat breakfast before going to Bell Church. Since it’s Holy Week, it is expected that a lot of people would be visiting Catholic Churches, so we visited Buddhist Temples to avoid the crowd. We went to Baguio Bell Church and was so lucky to have witnessed the Dragon and Lion Dance exhibition. After Bell Church, we went to the market to buy the ube and honey that tita is requesting for. For lunch, we ate at the Ili-Likha Artist Village, it was an art space made by Kidlat Tahimik and a space where small food business sell yummy and healthy food. For the last stop, the family went to the Baguio Buddhist Temple where they have the biggest buddha I’ve ever seen.

River(?) outside the resort
We made sand castles!

Easter Sunday is Beach Day! The whole family went to Villa Navarro at Caba, La Union despite the gale warnings. The tide is too strong for us to swim but we enjoyed building sand castles nonetheless. Also, the parents really prepared a lot a food and we had a feast! The afternoon, before heading back to Baguio, we visited the Eco-friendly farm, there we fed Biik-toria, saw Ka-Ambeng, China the chicken-dog and felt a real-life Harvest Moon! It was so nice that they use solar energy and earth friendly materials to survive.

Short video of our trip below: